Self Hosted Auto-Responder?

Apa pendapat anda, perlukah seorang IM memilih utk bersama self hosted AR ataupun menggunakan khidmat Encek Aweber atau Pakcik GetResponse?

Ini adalah jawapannya….

“…It’s like giving up on your DSL internet connection to go back to 56kb modem in order to save up the monthly fee… do you think that’d be a good idea for your online business?…”


One Response to “Self Hosted Auto-Responder?”

  1. admin Says:

    Dibawah adalah pendapat seorg otai dlm IM…

    I have experience. I single handedly managed a list of 50 million email addresses for one of the internets largest companies circa 1999.

    I personally witnessed the dirty innards of AR hosting. Here are my thoughts…

    Hosting your own AR is a full time job. It goes way beyond the initial setup of SPF and domainkeys. You constantly need to respond to scomp requests and honor them. You need to monitor blacklists and ask (and sometimes pay) to get removed from them. Don’t believe me? Check out the instructions to get delisted from some of the major spam houses. If you get blacklisted by Hotmail, you’ll need to buy into Goodmail. As a solitary person, you’re pretty much ignored. Aweber, however, has these guys on speed dial. They also have a legal department with speed dial.

    Then there’s the issue of resources. No one is talking about this. Self hosted ARs use a lot of server resources. If you send a blast of 10k to a website on the same server, you can expect frustrated visitors as pages get served like molasses. Especially on a mysql intensive CMS like Joomla or WordPress. As you send more and more campaigns, past clickthrough and unsub processing resources grow expotentially. Eventually, you’ll get a call from your shared hosting provider because you’re exceeding your “unlimited” resources. They explain you need to upgrade to a dedicated server within 2 days. And you know what? Theyre right. By design, self hosted ARs should be on their own dedicated IP and server for the sake of SPF and domainkeys and whitelisting. Now you need to stop everything…upgrade the server and move all your sites. Ouch.

    I could go on and on. Here’s my opinion: self-hosted ARs are a time suck. Get aweber or GR and outsource your headaches. This will let you sit down and work on the important stuff…marketing. You may think you are saving money on a one time purchase…but you will lose the savings (and then some) in lost time and maintenance.

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