Mcmana nak tangkap SCAMMER?

Hari ni saya nak kongsi dgn sahabat2 yg buat bisnes online, tak kira la samada eBay ke atau lain2 platform, ianya pasti membantu. Seringkali newbie bertanya, mcmana nak cari barang utk dijual di internet, ebay dan sebagainya? then bila dah dpt supplier, dah kene tipu plak. dipendekkan cerita, saya ada terjumpa satu forum (agak famous) yg membincangkan berkaitan SCAMMER. Saya just Cut & Paste utk dikongsikan bersama. Selamat berbisnes!

1. Check, from how long supplier is there in market and dealing online.

2. Ask for Company registration number

3. Speak to supplier and see how confident he is in talking to you and making the deal final. If you find a supplier pushing to make payment quickly then step back.

4. Ask for reference tracking numbers for the products he shipped to his buyers. Check those tracking numbers online and see from where shipment was released and where it’s reaching/reached.

5. Ask for references, buyers email ID or phone number. Suppliers are OK to provide email ids but few provide phone number as well. Call these buyers and find out how was the product, be professional and don’t ask at what rate they got it. I prefer to communicate on email, using 3rd party tool, I even track from which country and location I am receiving a reply to my email. Google for such tools, there are many.

6. Scammers offer you products at really low price and mostly they give you big discounts.

7. They offer you free shipping. International shipping is not so cheap that they can offer you free. If your order is above 1000 USD, then it makes sense to get a free shipping.

8. Real suppliers are never ready to send you a sample less than 5 pcs, so if they are ready to send you 1/2 pcs, they could be a potential scammer.

9. In China, TT, Western Union, Money Gram is the most common mode of payment but good suppliers do accept paypal as well.

10. When it comes to payment, tell them that you want to get the stuff picked up by your local agent in China from their address and he will pay cash in hand, see if they agree for it. Scammers will never agree but real supplier will agree to this.

11. Check their website, you will get a potential clue from the level of information published in there website to tag them fake or genuine.

12. Never order bulk in first dealing. Start with less number of pcs and increase the quantity as you go.

13. There are few agents in China, who can deal on your behalf with supplier and they will charge their commission. It’s good to use them.

14. Look at the address given to you by the supplier; scammers give fake address and wrong postal code.

Last but not the least, if you are in serious business, buy an air ticket and go to china for 2 weeks, buy everything you want and ship it yourself to your home country & pay cash to the supplier. You can build a business relation with these suppliers face to face and you can deal with these suppliers for any future needs.

Your 2 weeks stay and travel to china will be a very little cost and investment in your business and I feel this is the one and only way to be saved from a scam. 🙂

Jeet Basson


One Response to “Mcmana nak tangkap SCAMMER?”

  1. admin Says:

    here are few point i would like to share….

    1st i like long term business or something related depends on how good english they speak or you will get an email about your product which says its 100% ready to be shipped just waiting for payments……

    2nd My boss is in a meeting or my boss doesnt speak chinese or any other excuse

    3rd Company registration number…..when you ask for the registration documents, you gonna get them but always check registration number through google ……90% it directs to some other genuine company.

    4th Ask them to provide mail id’s of their customers who are already satisfied…..(when i did this i got 4/5 email id’s but non of them belong to customers ……they belong to their colleagues …..hence varify it. wait for few days and contact again ….dont try to rush

    5th try to speak to no. of employees who belong to same company at the same time …….and ask few prices …..every1 should provide similar price…….

    6th Even check the time for reaction

    normally scammers dont have to check the prices they tell whateva they want … obviously……hence if you are asking for few prices it should take some time to get those prices …….a fake seller would reply within few seconds with all the prices you need ..

    Hope its true and it will help……sorry my emglish isnt very good …hehe


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